I’ve rounded up the most common questions and comments I get through the day…

How much does a website cost?

I understand blogging and small business, so I’ve created a full selection of products and services to fit your needs. Choose from one of my many design packages or select individual products and services that fit your business and your budget right now. Whatever works for you, I’ll do my best to develop the right combination at the right price. It’s best to contact me with exactly what you need, and I’ll shoot you a quote ASAP!

When can we start and how long does it take?

NW Designs tries to jump on projects as soon as possible. How long a project takes depends entirely on the scope of the project. Once I have determined that, I can give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take for you to be rocking a complete new look for your business.

Will I be able to make updates to my site on my own?

You bet! That’s the goal. I work on WordPress for that exact reason. All of my work is coded on the Genesis Framework. If you want to maintain and make changes to your site, that option is totally available to you. If you’d like me to handle maintenance, that’s OK too. Just let me know your preference!

What is the design process?

We do our homework

I want to understand exactly what you need before we can formulate a plan and package that fully fits your business needs. That starts with my questionnaire.


This phase is where you see the work. It’s the mock up stage. I’ll work up and show you what I’m thinking, and work back and forth with you until it’s polished and where you want it to be. This includes working your website up on a test site and fully is tailored to you getting to a place you love before moving forward.


Once you are fully psyched about what I have created for you, I install it on your url and give you the opportunity to test it out. When you are comfortable, you can shout it to the world and show everyone your great new look.

Post Launch Support

Once your live, there is a hands on period where you will be getting used to your new digs. For up to 2 weeks post-launch, I provide support for your questions, concerns, very minor edits or any quirks that might pop-up during the launch phase. I am definitely available to assist you beyond those two weeks at an hourly rate.

Do you offer SEO?

Search Engine Optimization it is not automatically included in a design package, but it is built into your template. I do not do keyword research. The Genesis framework has fields for your keywords and meta information so that you can plug it in and get great SEO.

How do I pay you?

Payments made via PayPal with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. A PayPal account is not required to make these payments. Checks (personal and business) are also accepted. A 50% deposit, will secure your project’s start date on our schedule. I request the final balance when we finish your project, before I transfer files to your own web server.